Locating Feeds

Searching Known Feeds

  • In the “Search” box, type the name, website name, or channel name. Spelling and s p a c e s matter.

  • If the website/channel does not appear, you can Discover it for everyone!

Discovering New Feeds

It is easy! And what you discover makes ROIL better for everyone!

URL example: https://www.example.com/abcdefg. Or http://...

Most effective way to Discover a new feed is to copy the URL and paste it directly into the search box.

  • Go to the website. E.g., a YouTuber’s channel page (not a single video page).
  • Copy the URL and paste it into the ROIL search box. Click Discover.
  • The feed will now appear under Discovered Feeds.
  • Click Follow.

Depending on the URL target, a feed may not be readily found. Patience and trial-and-error may help. Fortunately, any given feed only needs to be discovered once to be available forever.

Discover Without a URL

You can also discover certain feeds without a URL.

  • Specify the “Source”, e.g. YouTube.
  • Type the user name, channel, ID, etc.
  • If the feed doesn’t appear, enter the URL instead (see above).

Hosted Content Tips